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The QuadBar Pry Tool A Multipurpose and versatile Heavy Duty Power Bar. A Wrecking Bar that is Perfected with top quality Material. QuadBar is Advancing the Pry Bar Standards to restorations - Dismantling or Salvaging, Wooden Structures This Productive Hand tool is Proudly Designed and Engineered with 17 Patent Claims. The Quadbar is currently being tested with Fire Departments across Saskatchewan.
Small Quad Bar Not Available at Current Time Medium Quad Bar $129.99 Large Quad Bar $149.99
FAQ's Q: How can i determine the best QuadBar for my needs? A: You should base your needs Q: Where is the QuadBar made? A: Every QuadBar is made in Saskatoon, SK and sold Globally. Q: What happens if my QuadBar Breaks? A: We offer a 1-Year Warranty on manufacture defects while working with wood. While toe ends may require sharpening depending on usage. Q: What makes the Quad Bar different from a regular Crowbar A: The QuadBar is different because it allows you to: - Work with larger surfaces. Sizes fit the user and space available. Multi-purpose expresses double wedge blades with double - Claw rocker head controlled by the centralized joy stick. - Patent Expresses a difference of Blades designed on a shorter the distance greater the power. Many Pivot areas penetrates, pounds, grips and grabs. Can Salvage or destroy materials, and speed up production. Q: Who do you use for shipping? A: We are Currently using Canada Post for Shipping Within Canada and the Continental United States. Q: What is the QuadBar made of? A: The QuadBar is made from AR400 Steel Plating. Q: Can I use an additional attachments to my QuadBar? A: Using the QuadBar with any attachments will void all manufacture warranty. Q: How Big are the QuadBars? A: There are 3 Different sizes of QuadBars: SMALL BAR: Blade Width: 1-7/8" Overall Length: 24" MEDIUM BAR: Blade Width: 2-1/4" Overall Length: 30" LARGE BAR: Blade Width: 3" Overall Length: 36"

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